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Restart loan (new start loan) without collateral


Finance is difficult and is not always as straightforward as it is often presented. Sometimes mistakes have been made and it is not obvious even when the mistakes have been made what the consequences will be. As you get older you will have to take the consequences out of it. Then it can be very reassuring to know that there are institutions and companies that can actually help you get on your feet.

That’s exactly what a new startup loan is. It is, as the name implies, designed to help people get a fresh start in life after a financially difficult time. This article talks about just that.


Debt settlement

Debt settlement


We have a law in Sweden called the Debt Settlement Act, which means that you as a private person can get debt settlement granted through enforcement authority .

Debt settlement means that you as a debtor are relieved of the obligation to pay your debt – in whole or in part. This could mean, for example, that you, together with your administrator from the Corona Prosecution Service, agree on a sum you will pay back over a certain period of time.

Some of the requirements for being granted debt restructuring by the Corona Lite Finance are as follows:

  • You must be registered in Sweden
  • You must be so heavily indebted that you are not expected to be able to repay your debts in the foreseeable future
  • You must not have a nutrition ban

There are also lenders who can offer debt relief loans. The lender makes its own assessment of what needs to be met in order to be granted a debt relief loan. Some important requirements that are almost always present are the following:

  • You must have a fixed income – usually need to be at least USD 120,000 / year
  • You must be registered in Sweden and usually have been there for at least a couple of years
  • You must be an authority over 18 years of age

There are often high interest rates on these loans and many times they are determined based on an individual assessment.


Companies offering new start-up loans

Nice Start Finance

Companies offering new start-up loans

With an amount range of USD 20,000 – USD 500,000 and a maturity of between 1 year and 12 years, NiceStart Lenders can definitely be put on this list. However, it is not only their conditions that make them good, but also that they focus on your monthly income rather than your annual income. That way, they can ignore how long you have been employed if they can assess that you currently have the capacity to pay off your restructuring loan.


  • You must be between 18-62 years
  • At least one of the applicants must be a permanent employee
  • Minimum income must be USD 22,000 / month
  • If you have a debt with the petitioner, a co-applicant is required

interest rates:

  • An individual assessment is made of your repayment capacity and the interest rate is then set but is between 10.9% – 28.9%. The effective interest rate is a maximum of 33%.


  • You will be assigned a personal manager at NiceStart Lenders who will act as a contact person for you when you have been granted a loan. Until then, this person acts as an advisor to help you find the best solution for your needs.


Best Bank

money loans

For those who want to borrow larger amounts, Best Bank is a good alternative for you as the amount range is between USD 150,000 – USD 10,000,000 for a restart loan. The repayment period you can apply for is between 5 years – 50 years. The restructuring loan at Best Bank uses your home as collateral and is directed to you who, despite payment remarks, want to settle debts or simply balance up your finances.


  • You are at least 20 years old and registered in Sweden
  • You have an annual income of at least USD 200,000 and if you have a co-applicant, the joint annual income should be at least USD 350,000
  • You must settle debt collection or Corona Debt debt before investing in anything else
  • You must have some security in the form of a home you own or are going to buy

interest rates:

  • The interest rate is fixed and is set individually from 3.5%. There are interest rate surcharges during the three-year bond period that look like the following: 1 year – 1.5%, 2 years – 1%, 3 years – 0.5%.


  • A setup fee of USD 1,000 will be added at the time of the signing of the restart loan, as well as a subscription fee of USD 45 ( USD 15 at autogiro) and a credit management fee of USD 3,500.

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