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Compare private loans: The size of the loan varies between the different lenders

It is quite common for you to borrow 20,000 and up to USD 600,000. How m uc h you can borrow is often based on what your financial situation looks like. in terms of income or if you have other commitments. Many companies also offer loans with payment notes, as long as you do not have an active debt balance with the creditor.


Private loans for different purposes

Private loans for different purposes

We all have our own reasons for borrowing money. Some lend money to solve a critical situation that would not be solved without taking a temporary loan. Others take the chance to finally realize an old dream.

In many cases, it is about wanting or needing to make a slightly larger purchase, for example:

  • Buy a new car, boat or motorcycle
  • Renovate the house or expand
  • Replace furniture
  • Arrange a wedding
  • Fund an ed uc ation

Still others see private loans as a chance to look at the economy, and get rid of a lot of small loans and loans, to pool them into a single mortgage loan.


Save money in the long run with a private loan

private loan

In addition to collecting old small loans, there is another way to look at their finances. A common reason for taking a private loan is because you want to lower your future costs, even if a loan makes life a little more expensive right now.

This can be done, for example, by throwing out the old oil boiler and switching to a smarter solution s uc h as bed heating or other heating systems. Additional insulation and window replacement also help to red uce and the cost of energy consumption.

In recent years, the possibility of using solar energy has also spread to an increasing extent, and many homeowners have taken this opportunity and installed solar panels on the roof.


To think about before you apply

apply loans

By far the most important thing of all is that you know for sure that you can repay the loan without falling behind with the payments. This applies whether you are considering a private loan or a smaller SMS loan.

Different lenders set different requirements and terms for the loans. Compare the lenders to each other and check carefully how the effective interest rate looks. No hidden fees may be found – read the fine print very carefully.

What credit reporting agencies do they use? If you can get a loan without MonCentral Finance control, your regular bank does not see that you have applied for a loan elsewhere, which is good for your creditworthiness towards the bank. MonCentral Finance and is the company that all major banks use when they take a credit report on you. 

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